Engraved Bricks, Personalised Bricks & Paving

Based in the UK, EngraveBricks Ltd specialises in engraved bricks and pavers for charity and fundraising projects. Since 1999, we’ve traditionally supplied our engraved bricks through the trade and agencies, although we’re now offering our brick engraving services directly to you, the customer.

Whether you’re building a new building or you’re extending or improving an existing building; personalised brick fundraising campaigns have helped countless organisations reach their fundraising goals

Generate funds for your cause with engraved bricks

Not only is selling personalised bricks incredibly fun, it’s a permanent way to thank your sponsors for their donations and a proven way to generate vital funds for a number of public facilities, including:

Our engraved bricks have very little outlay, all you need to do is decide whether you want a brick walkway or wall brick slips.

Engraved bricks for charity and fundraising projects

We provide a range of bricks, brick slips and pavers for you to choose from to personalise. Produced in a variety of colours and sizes, you can rest assured that the bricks you have personalised will fit in flawlessly with your building.

Whether you want to commemorate an individual or personalise your bricks with the names of your donors and sponsors, EngraveBricks Ltd will help you to design and manufacture the perfect engraved bricks for charity.

Durable engraved bricks

We use standard pavers recommended for use in car parks, industrial sites and roadways, which means that our engraving will stay intact as long as the brick does. This means that our engraved bricks will serve as long lasting tributes to your sponsors and donors.

For more information about our engraved bricks and how they can help you run a successful charity or fundraising project, please call 01730 895 971 today.