Why do you offer two sizes of paving brick and which would be suitable for us?
In most cases we recommend you use both, they work well together, either using the double size as an edging for the pathway or at random within the field. The reasoning is that although most sponsors will buy a single brick, companies wishing to participate in the fundraiser could find that two lines of 16 characters is too restricting, also you may be surprised to find that some sponsors are happy to spend £60-£100 or so on a project they feel important to them, therefore you may as well maximize your profit potential. We have also found that some sponsors like to include other family names on their brick so offering 4 line doubles makes good sense, our experience shows that you could expect doubles to account for up to 20% of your sales.

Will the engraving or paver wear out?
This one always raises a smile with us, DEFINITELY NOT. These pavers are standard pavers and suitable for pathway and driveway use in fact local authorities recommend their use, in roadways, car parks and industrial sites, as far as the engraving is concerned as long the brick lasts so will the engraving, however when cleaning if acid or very powerful jet wash is used you could remove the colour, (as I myself found to my cost when recently jet washing my car).

What is the difference with sandblasting and your engraving process?
The advantage of using EngraveBricks unique engraving method is our engraving ensures uniform depth throughout the brick and the base of the character is smooth. Sandblasting however gives uneven depth because the bricks do not have uniform consistency and blasting therefore engraves some characters very deep, furthermore the base of the character is rough, So why does this matter? Very soon after installation when debris has settled in the deeper characters and you are receiving complaints from sponsors you will know it matters.

Do we have to sign any contracts with your company?
No; we have no need to lock you into a contract. Once you have sampled our bricks and service why would you want to go to anyone else?

Is there a choice of fonts?
Yes, please ask for details.

How do we send orders to you?
As soon as you start offering your bricks for sale please contact us and we will e-mail an Excel spreadsheet which has been adapted for this use, it’s very easy to use but remember the information you supply is sent direct to the engraving machine therefore any mistakes in your data will be engraved on the brick.

How long does it take to receive my order?
1 to 200 bricks takes 2-3 weeks; 200 to 500 bricks takes 3-4 weeks

Delivery costs.

*Mainland UK excluding some remote areas please call for details.

1 paver          @ £12.00* (Or up to 4 single brick slips)
2-4 pavers     @ £16.00* (Or up to 4 doubles or 8 single slips)
4-8 pavers     @ £26.00* (Or up to15 doubles or 30 single slips)
9-15 pavers   @ £48.00* (Or up to 30 doubles or 60 single slips)
8-400 pavers @ £75.00* (Or up to 200 doubles or 800 single slips)

* – All prices plus VAT

Delivery costs; To Republic of Ireland

1 paver            @ £16.00*      (Or up to 5 single brick slips)
2-8 pavers       @ £36.00*      (Or up to 8 doubles or 16 single slips)
8-80pavers      @ £102.00*    (Or up to 75 doubles or 150 single slips)
80-400 pavers @ £135.00*    (Or up to 200 doubles or 800 single slips)

* – All prices plus VAT (if applicable)


You only offer black or gold engraving. Can we choose another colour?
Yes almost any colour with a one off charge of £40.00 plus VAT

Can we supply our own bricks for engraving?
We have no problem in principle however some pavers and bricks are unsuitable for engraving, please call.

Why don’t you recommend engraving concrete pavers?
Clay pavers are a perfect material for engraved walkways because of there durability, strength and unlike concrete pavers never loose their colour and finally do not suffer from efflorescence (white salts) the curse of the concrete paver industry.

I’m not fundraising and only want 1 or 2 bricks?
No problem, however there is a set-up charge on orders under 5 bricks, please call for details.

Do you do “Specials”?
Yes, we do Signature bricks, dates on house bricks, Ceramic bricks, Marble and granite Plaques. However we are unable to engrave anything larger than 350mm x 350mm.