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Supplier of Bricks & Pavers for fundraising campaigns.

Welcome to EngraveBricks Ltd

The UK’s premier destination for engraved bricks and pavers. Established in 1999, we began our journey catering to marketing agencies and the trade but now offer our engraving services directly to the client.

Fundraising with a Personal Touch

Whether you’re building from new, extending or improving existing facilities? Personalised brick fundraising campaigns have helped countless organisations achieve their fundraising targets.

But it’s more than just fundraising. Selling personalised bricks:

Fosters Community Engagement:

Sponsors receive a tangible token of appreciation at a location close to their hearts.

Lasting Recognition:

In gratitude for their contribution each sponsor’s name and message is engraved on a brick or paver which is then incorporated into the project’s landscaping.

Ideal for a Huge Range of Organisation’s

Our engraved bricks campaigns resonate with:

  • Schools
  • Village Halls
  • Universities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Museums
  • Municipal Parks
  • And many more.

Setting Up is Relatively Easy

Launching a brick campaign is straightforward and often requires little or no upfront cost. Here’s how:

  1. Identify the perfect spot for your engraved walkway or wall.
  2. Design a brochure or leaflet. (Need help? Ask about our
    Brochure guide.)
  3. As the bricks are sold, populate our user-friendly spreadsheet,
    when you are ready to order send it to us.
  4. Within 2 to 3 weeks your bricks should arrive ready for

Get Started with EngraveBricks Ltd:

Intrigued about launching a brick campaign? Or have questions on how we can aid your fundraising target, contact us today.

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