What are brick fundraising campaigns?

The first known ‘Engrave-a-brick’ campaign in the UK was at Guildford Cathedral in 1952, as part of rebuilding with the fundraising bricks being used for the main structure of the cathedral. Instead of actual engraving, however, people signed their name on a brick in pencil, at a cost of half a crown, or 12p.

Despite this, engraving your name into stone isn’t a modern concept. Throughout history, humans have felt the need and desire to leave some form of legacy by carving names and images into rock.

Raising money with engraved brick campaigns really took off as a concept in the UK around the late 1990s. It became a highly successful method of fundraising when the newly built Millennium Stadium sold more than 15,000 bricks at a price of £35.00 each. The Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA, dwarfed even this number, selling an astounding 40,000 bricks.

Whilst very few campaigns are this large, brick fundraising campaigns are regularly used by schools, sports clubs, village projects, charities and more groups looking to successfully raise money. By selling anywhere between 100-500 bricks, you’ll find you have a significant amount of money to use for your project.

Why do brick engraving campaigns work so well?

Brick engraving campaigns work on the emotional attachment your donors have to your cause. For example, a parent will be significantly attached to their child’s school or a football fan will be emotionally attached to their favourite team’s home ground.

When these donors buy a brick for your venue (the venue they’re emotionally attached to in some way), they’re making a proud community statement and publicly declaring that they’ve donated to your cause.

Due to the long-lasting nature of brick engraving campaigns, it’s extremely difficult to find another fundraising method that provides such an emotional connection between your project and your donors.

Additionally, the brick acts as a tangible reward, encouraging many more people to give to your fundraising cause.

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  1. I have visited the local Jet Age Museum and would like to proceed with a wall of fame for my charity The Dean Forest Railway Museum Trust which is a registered charity.

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