Engraved Paver Bricks

Engraved Paver Bricks

As the leading provider of engraved bricks in the UK, we take extreme pride in the quality of our services; always endeavouring to provide the very best, high quality engravings on a bespoke selection of bricks, available in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. All of our bricks are supplied by Blockleys, one of the UK’s best and leading brick suppliers, offering a huge selection of bricks varying in material, colours and finishes. Whether you want to thank your donors, or commemorate a loved one’s memory, we at EngraveBricks Ltd are here for all of your needs and more.


Top Quality Paver Bricks

Brick engraving is an excellent way to raise money for your valuable cause, and is a permanent, lasting visual tribute to thank your sponsors for all they have done to assist with your project. We supply our bricks in a range of materials, including our premium-quality paver bricks – perfect for blending seamlessly into the rest of your building’s décor, whilst also paying tribute to those who made it happen.

When you utilise engraved pavers into your project, for example, your business’s driveway, anyone visiting the premises will see the close relationship between your project and the communities who helped make it happen. We believe that our pavers are the very best way to raise money for your cause, whilst simultaneously developing community awareness of you and your project, and allows those who care to get involved in their own, personal way.

Whether you’re updating an existing building, or building one from the ground up, we have found that our personalised paver bricks have been an excellent method for raising funds and awareness since our inception in 1999. 


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We always go above and beyond to try and exceed your expectations, so if you’re interested in our line or bespoke engraved paver bricks, or have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are always happy to help.