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Engraved Bricks for Sports Facilities

Leave a Lasting Impact

Here at Engrave bricks we can offer products of the highest quality, whilst keeping the prices as low as possible. This will enable you to make as much money as possible whilst fundraising. You will receive first class customer service from the moment you enquire, all the way to receiving the brick.

We have worked with a variety of organisations to provide engraved bricks for sports facilities. Whether you are looking to give something back to your fans or raise money for a cause, a sports engraved brick is a perfect way.

Why sports clubs should use engraved bricks

 An engraved brick is an excellent creative way for sports clubs to raise money for school activities, teams, or to help fund building expenses and maintenance. They can also provide a great opportunity to commemorate an event. Fans are able to be etched into the legacy of the sports club through purchasing an engraved brick to be placed within their grounds.

Using engraved bricks also enables the fans to feel a sense of pride by contributing towards a good cause, this is also a great opportunity for the club to recognise the constant support they have received. Sports fan are incredibly passionate so what better way for them to feel closer to the team than having a piece of history within the club,  the donor is able to see their engraved brick each time they go to a game. An engraved brick will last a lifetime and lifetimes to come!

Clubs that have used engraved bricks

One of our customers that have used engraved bricks for sports facilities is Bolton Wanderers Football Club they have created a walkway, so supporters can purchase the bricks to celebrate a special moment in their life

Another sports team that have used personalised bricks is Liverpool Football Club, they have also created a walkway around their stadium giving the fans a chance to be part of the club for life, whilst using the bricks for a fundraising campaign to help charities within the area.

These are just two great examples of how sports team have used engraved bricks to raise money for a cause whilst providing the fans with an opportunity to feel closer to their team.

Engraved bricks are suitable for all sports clubs and will fit perfectly within your building. However, if you need any more information about how the bricks can enhance your fundraising project, then please call 01730 895 971 or fill our contact form.