Building a lasting legacy with engraved bricks

For over the last 15 years Engraved Bricks have been providing engraved bricks for universities to use to commemorate or fundraise for a special project. We have a mixture of cutting-edge equipment and years of experience, that can guarantee you receive value for money.

The benefits of an engraved brick project for universities

Our highly skilled team have helped many universities across the country to raise funds to support the development of new projects, these are just some of the ways our clients have used engraved bricks;

Alumni Appreciation – Using engraved bricks is a perfect university commemoration idea as people are given the opportunity to leave a special or personal message that will last forever. For universities alumni it gives them the chance to stay attached to somewhere that has given them so much.

Charity Fundraising – Universities can also use the bricks to highlight individuals who have given back in a variety of ways. Using an engraved bricks for universities is also an incentive for individuals as they will feel compelled to give money to the cause as they are getting something in return. They will then have the opportunity to visit and have it seen by thousands.

Improving Facilities – If the university is in need of new facilities but are lacking funding, engraved brick projects are perfect to raise money. If students or their parents can see the money is going to improve their education it will only increase their involvement.

Universities that have used engraved bricks

The Footsteps Project was created by the University of Kent as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations to commemorate and echo the memories of all the people who attended the university.

After transforming their student union at Loughborough University, they decided to show their appreciation to more than 600 people who helped fund the refurbishment, by putting all their names on an individual brick.

If you need any more information on how engraved bricks can enhance your universities project or advice on where they can fit around the building, then please call 01730 895 971 or fill in our contact form.