Bricks are the best building material

Bricks are a great building material for pretty much any building project you can think of. Many fundraising groups us engraved bricks as a way to achieve their targets, but as a general building material, bricks have a wide range of benefits you can enjoy.

Bricks are made from natural materials
Bricks are made from a mixture of clay and shale, two of the world’s most common materials. When the bricks are fired in a kiln, they go through a vitrification process that fuses the particles together to create an incredibly durable building material.

Bricks have been used for centuries
Bricks have been used as a building material for over 5,000 years, originating from India and spreading throughout Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Nowadays, bricks are stringently manufactured, but if you go to archaeological sites, you’ll see just how enduring bricks really are.

Bricks offer the best protection from the weather
Bricks are not only fireproof, they offer high wind protection and they’re great at controlling the moisture in your home. This is perfect for the British weather, where the often cold and damp conditions easily damage properties.

Bricks are incredibly low maintenance
Bricks don’t rot, need to be painted or get eaten away by insects, and they often only look better with age, giving you a high level of value. You’ll also find that bricks are incredibly good at absorbing noise, perfect if you’re building a property in a populated area.

Bricks are the energy-efficient choice
Bricks are a dense material and have the ability to store warmth, before slowly releasing it, ensuring that your home stays cool throughout summer and warm in winter. This is one of the many reasons the brick has enjoyed thousands of years of popularity.

Bricks are sustainable
Not only are bricks energy efficient, they use sustainable materials and can be easily recycled in a number of different ways. Additionally, because bricks are so durable and can last for centuries, it only takes a low amount of energy to manufacture.


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