Find out everything you’ve wondered about Engraved Bricks

Engraved bricks are a great way for you to increase the donations for your cause by offering people a lasting way to publically declare they’ve contributed to the cause. Often used for schools, community halls and sports clubs, engraved bricks will help you to raise a substantial amount of money and work to really build bonds and increase community spirit. Here at Engrave Bricks, there’s so much to know about our bricks before you decide to use them as a means for your fundraising campaign.

How do I tell which brick size is right for me?

Whilst most private donors are happy with the two lines of 16 characters, you may find that larger bricks are used by corporate sponsors, who will happily spend around £100 on a larger brick for fundraising they’re passionate about. If you want to be able to offer four lines for people to buy at a premium, our larger bricks are the ideal choice.

Will the engraving wear out?

At Engrave Bricks, our bricks are designed for use in industrial sites, car parks and even roadways, so you can rest assured that the bricks won’t wear out. As for the engraving itself, you’ll be happy to know that it will last as long as the bricks themselves last. However, cleaning the bricks with acid or a powerful jet wash may cause the colour to fade!

Is your engraving process better than traditional sandblasting?
At Engrave Bricks. Our engraving process will guarantee you a smooth, neat, and even finish to your bricks. Unlike sandblasting, you won’t have to worry about leftover debris and unhappy sponsors!

Can we use concrete bricks?

At Engrave Bricks, we use clay bricks rather than concrete to manufacture our products as concrete tends to lose its colour and succumb to efflorescence. Clay, on the other hand, will easily keep its colour over the years and is extremely strong and durable.

For more information about our bricks and how we can help your fundraising campaign, simply call us on 01730 895971 today.

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