Fun Fundraising Ideas to Ensure Success for Your Charity

At Engrave Bricks, we specialise in creating engraved charity bricks for sponsors to buy in order for you to raise funds. It helps to make people feel more invested in their community and provides a lovely sense of history to your project. Engraved bricks are especially appropriate if your fundraising hopes to rebuild an old building or helps to build a new structure. Along with engraved bricks, there are plenty of fun and interesting ways you can raise funds for a charity and achieve your goals.

Fundraising for large events – Donating furniture

If your fundraising is helping people in need or has anything to do with re-homing people, a second hand furniture stall is perfect. Not only does it give you an excuse to clear out your home, you can be sure that your old furniture will be going to people who really need or want it. This environmentally-friendly option ensures your furniture isn’t needlessly on the landfill.

Charities can use donated furniture to help people on low incomes, and homeless people get on their feet, after having found a home. If you’re donating furniture to a charity group, they can turn your donation into a considerable amount of money in order to continue their good works.

Fundraising in the workplace – Charity head shave

This fundraising event isn’t for the fainthearted, but the perfect option if you want to avoid bungee jumping or sky diving. Charity head shaving always raises lots of money, especially if you have a loud, bubbly and prominent member of the community committing to it.

Charity head shaving is a great way to draw attention to your cause and is incredibly easy to organise. It’s a superb low-cost way of raising money, as you can potentially carry it out with no overheads (if you can find someone with shavers!).

Fundraising for animal-related charities – A fun dog show

There’s a lot to consider if you decide to host a dog show, such as the classes, prizes and organisation, but they can be perfect for fundraising for kennels and catteries. They bring the wider community together and provide charities and fundraising groups the perfect opportunity to spread information about responsible pet care.

Fun dog shows should entertain the whole family, allowing children to have a large input as well as grownups. Remember that the purpose of charity dog shows is to be fun for everyone and raise money, so you should try and make sure that no one gets too competitive.

All-round fundraising idea – Bake sales

Bakes sales are a classic fundraising idea and the reason they’re so popular is because they’re consistently successful in raising funds. No matter the reason you’re fundraising, this simple and cheap idea will see you rake in the profits – perfect for the Church roof or new school wing! It’s also the perfect way to introduce young children to fundraising and charity, as they can easily get involved and maybe even have a tasty treat as a reward after a long 9yet fun!) afternoon baking!

At Engrave Bricks, we believe that engraved bricks are a lovely way to raise funds and help people feel as if they’re really part of the community, a lasting record of their efforts to help you raise funds will really see that money fly in. When you combine these other fundraising ideas with your efforts, you’re bound to achieve your target quickly and smoothly.

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