How to Nominate Someone for an MBE

If you’re an experienced fundraiser, the chances are you know of at least one person you believe should receive an MBE or other honour. With so many great people who make a real difference to our communities and charitable efforts, it’s a wonder why none of them have an honour, but it’s important to remember that the hundreds of people who are recognised every year are have been nominated by people like you or me.

You can nominate anyone for an MBE or honour, apart from yourself, so if you know a fundraiser who deserves to be recognised, here’s what you need to do.

Fill in some forms

You can easily find all the forms you need to nominate someone online, and you can submit the information via email, so you can relax knowing everything has been made as simple as possible.

You can nominate someone at any time of year, as there are no deadlines and the awards are given out at New Year in December and the Queen’s birthday in mid-June. The Cabinet Office will undertake background work with HMRC and police checks, with most nominations taking between 12-18 months to process.

The nomination will be initially assessed by a committee made up from people who have worked in the same fundraising area before being assessed by the Cabinet Office responsible for reviewing every nomination.

It’s best practice to nominate someone when they’re still in service with you, and at least 12 months before they step down or retire, as someone after this is not likely to receive the honour you nominate them for.

A two stage process

There are two parts to the nominating process that you’ll need to fill out in your forms, including a citation you’ll need to write. It’s important to remember that most people who deal with your nomination will only see your citation.

The other part of your nomination will include supporting letters written by other people with the purpose of confirming why you’re nominating that person.

Here at Engrave Bricks, we’ve worked with numerous wonderful fundraisers over the years, all of whom deserve an MBE or honours for their work. To find out more about how we do our best to help fundraisers achieve their goals, call us today on 01730 895971 or email us at

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