How to Run a Successful Brick Fundraising Campaign

Brick fundraising campaigns are an increasingly popular method for low to mid-level fundraising and works especially for your fundraising project if you have a broad base of mid-level donors to support you. Engraved walls or walkways can be indoor or outdoor, and brick fundraising works by attracting donors who will give you money in return for the chance to engrave a brick with their name or message.

In order to make the most of this fundraising tactic, ideally you need your own space where you can put up the bricks as part of a wall or walkway so that your donors can see their contributions. Brick fundraising is popular for hospitals, schools and community centres, where a large number of people value your organisation but may not have given money in the past.

By running your brick fundraising campaign professionally and to an efficient plan, you’ll see the largest return on your bricks and a decent amount of money raised.

Come up with a plan

Gather together your fundraising team to research and develop a comprehensive, fully-costed and written up fundraising plan for your brick campaign. This will help you all to unify your visions and goals for the campaign, as well as the details of how to achieve it.

Build a fundraising committee

Encourage some of your key supporters, people who are passionate about your cause, to form a leadership committee for the brick fundraising campaign and network throughout your prospect list and their own social networks.

Advertising materials

Professional documentation and brochures, especially showing images of the bricks show donors what they can expect to see. By marketing the bricks well, you’re far more likely to get people to donate and reach your targets.

Offer different levels of donation

One way of getting more people involved and making the campaign more inclusive is by offering different levels of donation, for example, £20 for a small brick and £45 for a large brick. Many people who may not be able to afford the larger brick will see the small option as far more manageable and some people, as well as local businesses, will be drawn to the allure of donating for a larger brick, helping you to raise more money over all.

Ensure the fundraising is fun

Your brick fundraising campaign, like any other fundraising campaign, should be fun for everyone involved and interactive with the wider community. As well as finding as many people to buy bricks as possible, you need to give them and the cause lots of support and make sure all your donors know they’re appreciated.


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