Commemorating people and projects with engraved bricks

There is something very poetic and very meaningful about acknowledging the people or work that has been put into a project by incorporating them into the literal framework of the building. Their names and contributions will live on in the building or project they worked so hard for and on behalf of. Engraved bricks are great for communities and bigger businesses, and here’s how you could use them:

Engraved bricks for community centres

If your local community centre, for example a library or a young people’s day club, has recently been refurbished or is being rebuilt, engraved bricks are a great way of saying thank you to your community or simply acknowledging the date of the upgrade. This shows neighbourhood pride either when commemorating the date of the completed build or the local Council who helped you build it. This kind of project completion opens up a whole new marketing avenue for you too: event marketing. You could throw an opening day party with a local member of the council there to cut the ribbon and drop the cloth from the engraved brick, and invite the community to take a look around your new building. This will help introduce new footfall to your business, so you could set up small food drink and stalls or a sign-up stall for more information or memberships… The possibilities are endless, so an engraved brick is so much more than just an engraved brick; it’s an open door to a launch event and potentially new clients and customers.


Engraved bricks in memoriam

Losing an important person is obviously very saddening, and we want to keep them in our memories, and many memories to come after ours, for as long as possible. For businesses or communities, the loss of a figurehead or founder may prompt you to want their memory preserved physically and tangibly in engraved bricks. Even for personal use, a family may choose to have their loved one’s name immortalised in an engraved brick and built it into their garden for a special project like a wishing well or part of their garden wall. This provides whoever had been affected by their passing – be they employees of the business who sadly miss their founder, community members paying thanks to a mayor, or family members of a loved one – a place to remember them by. A tree planted with this engraved brick nearby or in the borders of the soil bed may be a nice way to remember this important person, but however you choose to use engraved bricks in memoriam, it will be tasteful and meaningful.


Brick engraving for fundraising

If you are a small, local, or expanding project that would like to renovate your business and build an extra class room for your school, for example, brick engraving for fundraising is a fun way to help raise money for the project. If you donate X amount of money to the building efforts, then you will receive an engraved brick with your name on it to say thank you for helping make the expansion possible. You could style this as a ‘thank you wall’ in the building, inspiring members of the community to get involved and donate to your expansion in exchange for thanks and communal recognition.


There are endless opportunities for engraved bricks in your business, whether it is new or expanding, or for more personal use within your family home or garden. To find out more about our engraved bricks services, contact us today on 01730 895971 or enquire online.

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