Fundraisers for Schools – Have You Considered Engraved Bricks?

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to fundraise for your school? Whether you are fundraising for a new playing field, a new building block, fresh signage or anything in between personalised brick engraving is a great way for you to achieve your fundraising goals. Engraved bricks are a fun permanent way to thank sponsors for their donations and a proven way to generate funds.

Successful Fundraising

Raising money through engraved bricks isn’t a gimmick, it has been a highly successful method of fundraising for countless famous buildings including the Millennium Stadium. Because of the personal attachment parents have for their child’s school buying a bespoke engraved brick is a proud statement, declaring their attachment and support for your school in a permanent way.

If you are fundraising for a new block, bespoke engraved bricks can be incorporated into the structure of the building creating a lasting feature wall from all of your donors. A nice way for parents to give back to your school for all the hard work teaching their children.


A great way to show support

Perhaps you are fundraising for a new garden or a sports field, engraved pavers look stunning as a feature pathway or a focal point and it is a great way to reward sponsors. Instead of just asking for donations with nothing in return, businesses and individuals will have a permanently engraved brick showing their support for the project.

Standard fundraisers are great ways to make money, however, give little back to the donors once they have finished, with bespoke brick engraving, not only are your sponsors able to proudly show off their support for your school, but they also get to see their individual name or company name become part of the history of your school.

Your school is a focal point of the community and without the support of sponsors, we understand the struggle of budgets to achieve all of your goals. This is why fundraising bricks are a great way to recognise the support you receive from local businesses and parents in a lasting way and reach your fundraising targets.


Wide range of bespoke engraved bricks

Engrave Bricks offer a wide range of bricks, brick slips and pavers to choose from and personalise in a variety of colours and sizes. Our engraved bricks are in it for the long haul, just like your donors. We are as proud of the quality of our bricks as the donors are proud of supporting your school.

The bricks, brick slips and pavers are perfect for internal and external use and will last as long as the brick does. This makes them perfect for leaving a lasting mark on the community, showing donors support for future generations.


Fun Fundraising

Get the kids involved. Engraved bespoke bricks are a great way to get children excited about your fundraising attempts. Keep them involved along the way. The children could get their names engraved on the bricks with a donation from their parents. Imagine a child’s excitement of seeing their name permanently set in brick in their school?

Offer options. If you are fundraising for an extension, a new block or for a pathway, offer your sponsors a variety of different size bricks to accommodate different levels of donation. It will draw local businesses to larger bricks, while parents can donate smaller amounts, however still get the reward for donating.


Everyone wants to leave behind a lasting legacy, and with engraved bricks, they can while supporting their local school.


Here at Engrave Bricks, we have been fortunate enough to supply bricks for many fundraising projects in the past. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, need advice or a quote for engraved bricks, please call us today on 01730 895971 or email us at

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