Four Marketing Tactics to Accompany Your Brickwork Advertising Campaign

So, after brainstorming in the boardroom for hours, you’ve settled on a brick advertising campaign to promote your business’ products and services. The next stage involves the implementation of the campaign.

But, how do you generate interest in your personalised bricks and paving? How do you get potential clients to turn their attention to your brand and the message that you’re trying to get across?

There are many ways that you can kickstart your brickwork advertising campaign, ensuring that the campaign gathers speed, and building your brand quickly and effectively. Check out these five tactics to use in conjunction with your brickwork advertising campaign.

Press Release

Creating a press release and distributing it to reputable on and offline news outlets is one of the best ways to generate significant interest in your company. Press releases aren’t just for sharing success stories and introducing new members of staff, they can also be written to promote specific aspects of your business.

Generating significant publicity for your brick fundraiser is easy with a press release. You can reach out to local newspapers, radio and magazines, in addition to a wealth of online news outlets. Use words to get people engaged and you’ll have people keeping their eye peeled for your engraved bricks.

Sample Engraved Brick

Why not ask a brick engraving business to provide you with a sample engraved brick that you could strategically place in the local community to give consumers a taster of your intended campaign and generate interest before you launch the complete brick engraving marketing campaign.

Not only does this allow you to get the word out, but it could also help you understand consumer interest in different locations. This allows you to decide on the best geographic location for the campaign – one which will maximise the potential campaign success.

Know of a location where there’s a particularly high volume of foot traffic? That’s where you need to place the sample personalised bricks and paving. Now all you need to do is to count the queries received.

Social Media Marketing

The whole world is online – and when online, people are social. If you want to generate some traction with your engraved bricks marketing campaign, why not promote it through your company’s social media accounts.

You could even incentivise potential customers by running a small competition. Why not ask consumers to take photos of the bricks and email them to you? You could offer the first 10 a discount on their brickwork marketing campaign.

Include the links to your social channels on your website. You could even create a banner on the homepage, with a clickable button to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social channels making it as easy as possible for everyone to participate.

Local Radio Advertising

If you have a generous marketing budget and want to appeal to reach a wider audience, you could go all out and create a simple radio advertising message or jingle, letting people know of the brickwork advertising that you’re currently running.

This is a great way to appeal to customers, subconsciously arousing their interest. They could be in the car on the way to work, hear your radio advertisement and keep a lookout for engraved bricks advertising your business and services.

These are just four examples of advertising campaigns that you can run alongside any engraved brickwork marketing that will help you to maximise queries and potentially revenue. If you’d like to learn more about personalised bricks and paving and how they can help generate interest in your business, contact Engraved Bricks TODAY.

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