Why Personalised Bricks are Ideal for Charity Fundraising

Personalised bricks might not be your first choice if you are exploring new ways to raise money for a charitable cause, but they are becoming increasingly popular for many different types of fundraising projects. Easy to set up and very simple to organise, fundraising campaigns involving personalised bricks have many benefits, and we are going to explore them in greater detail here at Engrave Bricks Ltd.

Consider organising personalised brick fundraising campaigns, and not only are they a brilliant method to help you achieve your monetary goals, they also have all of the following advantages.

Use them indoors or out

You can display personalised bricks inside or out on footpaths or interior or exterior walls. They can be used for new projects, extensions or building refurbishments, and prove to be very popular due to their instant appeal. Any wall can be used to add the brick slips, and you can create your own theme as part of the project then give it a name that is relevant to the cause in question.

Unique method to attract donors

It can be a little bit awkward when you ask sponsors for donations for a fundraising project, so cushion the blow slightly and introduce people to the concept of engraved bricks. Not only is this a little bit different, it’s a novel way to raise awareness of a worthy cause whilst making the process fun. Arrange a charity fundraiser using engraved bricks, and sponsors actually have a means that clearly shows where their donation has gone.

Perfect way to reward sponsors

Personalised bricks are a little bit different and this makes them unique from a charity fundraising position. Instead of simply asking sponsors for cash donations, with nothing to show for their kind contributions, they will have their very own engraved bricks which clearly displays their support for the project in question. Engraved slip bricks look great as part of a building and they leave a lasting mark on the community.

Proven method for generating funds

Engraved bricks are very reasonably priced, but you can sell them for as much as you like, and raise a large sum for your chosen cause. Typically, engraved bricks sell for anywhere up to £50, but it’s up to you how much you want to charge for each individual brick, so test the water and see how generous your sponsor is feeling! This type of venture is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s a sure-fire way to raise much-needed funds.

Ideal for any type of organisation

Fundraising projects involving engraved bricks are suitable for many purposes, so whether you want to raise cash for a new village hall, a school extension, or your local charity, you can order bricks in any colour or style, have them personalised, and be sure they are going to suit your new building theme. The engraving will last as long as the brick does, and it’ll leave a lasting legacy for the sponsors who were kind enough to donate to your worthy cause.

Here at Engrave Bricks, we have been fortunate enough to supply bricks for many fundraising projects in the past. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, need advice or a quote for engraved bricks, please call us today on 01730 895971 or email us at info@engravebricks.co.uk.

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